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Since we have been in this industry for many years, we know what the market trends look like and how we can help you. We even have clients that have been with us since we began. Our clients look forward to doing business with us. Our clients love that they do not have to watch the market and enjoy the fact that I know what to look for, who they can qualify for a better program that covers their properties. We work with clients who have multiple properties, also.

We want to make sure that you have a detailed explanation and gives you the understanding, this means taking the necessary time with you, we never want our clients to feel rushed or that this is one time deal for us. We are here to provide our clients with answers to their questions and solutions to any issues that may arise. It is not easy choosing the best mortgages brokerage firm, that is why we know how important it is we show the programs that are available to you and explain why those programs will fit your needs best. We are detailed in what we offer so that when we are calling you, you know that your rates dropped. We only call you when we are able to help save you money, call you when the rates drop, or if something happens, they know why I am calling so that they can save money. 1989 I realized there was no longer a "lender credit" that amount of monies that was there, instead of going after the best possible rates, pay a 1% interest rate and make it up in two years. That is if you are paying for the 1% interest rate.

So in 1989, I changed the rules. Under my changing the rules and the understanding of what is best and keeps the lender credit and helps the clients make more money. This is better for the clients and helps our company grow. Now today, there are restrictions on the lender credit; back then, we had open range. Then everyone had seen how the formula we developed became a method every mortgage lender where using our method. This was helping the clients to save money, in the long run, by having to lower the rate within eight years (theoretically speaking), so most move between 5-7 years and refinance within 8 years. By raising the rates, you would not make out in the long run

When it comes to lending, there are credits that come from the lender. They can be used to lower the "points" (getting no points charge) or getting a slightly lower interest rate for the buyer. I decided to use this to reduce their costs, which gave birth to no point no-fee loans. I made more money on the volume of the loans, not the size of them, our clients also benefited because of the lower closing costs, thereby giving the customer a lower cost to obtain a house.