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Everyone can give you a quote, but are they educating you on what you can and cannot do in order to get the best deal? We work with you to understand what you do and do not know; we then educate you in the needed areas to give you a more rounded understanding of HOW to make the decisions needed to get that great deal that you're looking for. Different kinds of loans work best for different kinds of people; it all depends on the situation they're in.

When we have our consultation, we cover many different topics that help you have a better grip on making the best decision based on the national and global market trends; we also talk about what is happening in the real estate market so that when you decide to move forward, you have the right solution.

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These are best for someone with a good income and good credit score (a score of 680 or more), in good control of your debt, and a down payment that is ready to go. With us, you have the:

  • Ability to have no mortgage insurance at all and/or lower mortgage insurance cost monthly
  • Often you can borrow more money with this kind of loan
  • The ability to typically buy in any location (for example: with condos, often, an FHA loan cannot be used to purchase)

Because at the same time that there are no income restrictions for FHA, there are some for conventional.

When you're talking about a conventional loan, you want to have the best credit score to have the best deal.


  • These allow for lower credit scores while still getting a good annual interest rate
  • Allows higher debt ration but put some restrictions on loan amount and home location
  • More potential for rebates


  • Those who want to live in a rural area should consider this; it allows them to buy w/ no money down?
  • Interest rates similar to FHA (often lower than conventional)
  • Restrictive debt ratios (must have a good balance between your income and your debt obligations)


  • You must be a veteran that's been discharged honorably or currently in the military (any branch).
  • $0 down
  • Interest rates that are competitive w/ FHA and USDA (which are low)
  • Allows for higher debt to income rations
  • Lower credit scores are allowable
  • You can have certain credit issues that will not affect your ability to buy (Foreclose, Bankruptcy)
  • No mortgage insurance is required for these
  • When it comes to property taxes, many states offer discounts for veterans by charging less for VA loans

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is often the best choice for senior citizens who want to retire but want to have more of their own money available to them in retirement. When working with us, there are no "points" and very limited in cost.

  • Reverse Mortgages are sheltered from loss of equity due to market changes because this kind of loan requires that the government insures the owner's position in the equity.
  • Reverse Mortgage also allows the owner of the home to gain from the interest that the bank must pay on the equity of the house.
  • The government guarantees that you can live in the house for the rest of your life.
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