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Veterans and Military


We specialize in VA loans; let us show you how you can buy a home for less than you can rent a home. We have many programs that we can explain to you, such as VA, FHA, conventional loans. 0% down, 0% money out of the pocket program is available for those who do not have any money down, loan closing cost, and have a good income let us show you the programs that can help you save no money out of pocket. VA is more cost-effective to buy a home. You can save money far and beyond then what you can get out of a rental.

Military Family in Front of New House

We specialize in working with veterans, military personnel and armed forces, police, and firefighters. We can qualify you for any one of our FHA, VA, Conventional loan programs. We also work with those who work for the city, educators, and teachers. This home buying program was designed to help you purchase your home. If you already own your home and are looking to refinance, we can help provide you with what as grant programs are out there readily available to most. Many people do not know that grants are out there to help military and veterans with the down payment or closing cost. If you need assistance with a down payment and closing costs, you can look to us to provide you the best ways to cover the down payment through our mortgage refinance program. We also work with your realtor and seller in helping you find ways to secure your down payment and closing costs on your behalf. We can also calculate based on your interest rate and mortgage payment what your closing cost might be.

When visiting us, we would like for you to bring your FHA or VA certificate of eligibility. This will allow us to show you where to go to get the FHA, VA certificate filled out and completed, then we will show you how to get your certificate activated. There are steps that must be completed prior to being able to use your certificate, and we can take you through those very important steps. Call Go Lender Direct and ask how you qualify, what you qualify for, and what the down payment is closing cost are, understand that you do not need any money down. It is cheaper to buy a home than to rent a home when you understand how the VA program works in its entirety.

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